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The coffee addict

The coffee addict

We started this blog in 2016, but did not take it seriously until May of 2018. Why did it take two years you ask? When we first started traveling, it was for the sake of enjoying the new adventures and creating new memories. And during the past few years it's become an exciting part of our lives.

The joy of receiving confirmation emails for the plane ticket.

The exciting aura of walking through airport terminals + overhead announcements.

The feeling of flying away from "life".

The man behind the camera

The man behind the camera

Actually arriving at your destination and  grasping all the new memories you create day to day on your vacation.

You agree with us yet?

Believe it or not, Paula is great at researching and planning itineraries! All she needs is her laptop + good coffee, and the possibilities are endless! It started off with a simple trip to Disneyland, and the rest fell in place!

There were moments when just as our vacation came to an end, we would find ourselves looking at new destinations to explore, and at times even booking the next trip before even getting home! As our memory cards and hard drives started to fill up, we looked into creating videos that would summarize our trip. Two minute video vacations were born! (Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube account with the link all the way at the top).  As we created more memories/videos/photos, we finally found the final push to start blogging. Thanks to our wonderful family and friends. 

Thus! Coffee + Airplanes was born!