& we've got a blog!

Hi! Thanks for visiting. We are excited to start this and happy to be here :)

For starters, if you had a chance to read our about us, you'll see that we're two young adults that love this world and coffee! We want to see what we can, when we can for as long as we can and enjoy the coffee shops along the way.

We really wanted to start this blog to share with others the different places we've been to and to be a little motivation for ya if you're stuck wondering where to go, when to go or even if you should go. We don't have much content yet, so bare with us while we continue to build this website as we promise to share this world with you.

On a side note, we will be a little busy this year. A little snippet of our relationship, well.... we've been together for over a decade. so it was no surprise that sooner or later, he would put a ring on it! And last December 2017, he did just that during our trip to Leavenworth *catch a glimpse of the proposal on our Leavenworth video. Since then with wedding planning and moving into a little place of our own, we didn't get to plan a lot of travels this year. We will however! Be going to New Zealand in September! A place we are really excited about because we'll be doing something out of our comfort zone. To find out what... well, guess you'll have you check back later ;)

We hope you subscribe! Follow us on Instagram @coffeeandairplanes and on YouTube for more travels!

xo Paula