What are we up to now days?

Hi everyone! It has been awhile hasn’t it?!

So many things has happened and so many new opportunities have presented itself that the timing of it all just caught us off guard. But don’t worry! We’re making a comeback!

To get you up to speed…

Emil started doing more photography and videography. He currently has his own website www.emilcorpuz.com if you're interested in booking your next engagement photoshoot, maternity, etc. check him out! Below is sample of what he can do!

For myself, (Paula), I’ve been busy filling my time with additional work to other small business in Oahu. Thinking of starting my own administrative support business? Not sure yet, but definitely something on my mind. I’ve also been doing more of my digital designs, you can follow me on instagram at @happycoffeedesigns .

Most importantly, we haven’t forgotten about traveling.

This year we focused more on revisiting places we’ve already been to, which is why you haven’t seen much posting from us. We went on a short trip to LA in August, to get our Disneyland fix and then this past weekend, we went to the Big Island for two days (more for business with Emil than pleasure).

Our next vacation coming up in November, is back to Japan! And the fun part, is that we’ll be taking my mom! It’ll be her first time there so we are definitely excited! We’ll be going to Sapporo, which is a place we haven’t been to yet and then to Tokyo.

In December, we’ll also be going back to Vegas for some good ol’ Vegas fun!

So stay tuned!

// Coffee + Airplanes